Reflections on National Newspaper Week

Posted10/6/2013 6:48 AM

To our Audience,

For 73 years, the first full week of October has been proclaimed National Newspaper Week in honor of the American tradition of a free, aggressive and responsible press.


Now more than ever, we think it's important to honor that tradition and the constructive role newspapers play in the life of a community.

We hope you do too.

Technology and the world are changing these days at a feverish pace. Information is available at our fingertips in an instant. The opportunities for communication, discussion and opinion have never been greater.

Newspapers play an important role in distilling this great cacophony of information and providing sound and accurate context.

We help make sense of it all.

And we provide that important but sometimes underappreciated break in the day to relax with the paper and a cup of coffee.

Throughout the week, we'll be posting essays, images and stories that reflect on the Daily Herald's history and on the relationship of newspapers with their communities -- "The Newspaper Partnership: Your Community, Your Newspaper, Your Life."

We hope you enjoy them.

As always, thanks for reading.

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