Walsh should get involved with whole community

Posted9/20/2013 5:00 AM

I recently read your front-page article, "Walsh's view of black America." Mr. Walsh suggested to a group of black conservatives they need to inform their community of people (meaning other blacks) of its many problems, especially its dependency on government. It's clear that he didn't see them as his community of people, or responsibility.

My question to Joe Walsh is why not? Whatever happened to the concept of one America, "indivisible," that we seek to have? Are these people you speak of not seen by you as Americans too?

I might understand and agree with Mr. Walsh had he said that Americans in general are too dependent on government. Why make government dependency a racial issue? If by government dependency, you mean those reliant upon food stamps, public assistance, social security etc., you should check your facts. Black Americans, don't make up the largest racial group dependent upon those services.

Though my skin is black, I have spent the past 20-plus years living here in suburban Lake County. I worked hard both at my career and raising a family. Like many black Americans, our family values likely reflect those values similar to the neighborhoods we have lived in and the diverse community of people that we have shared our lives with.

While many Americans of all races continue to work hard to make a difference in our country and the lives of others, you seem to continually speak in very hateful and hurtful terms -- divisive language which alienates and segregates Americans into neat political categories, like, conservatives, liberals, blacks, whites, blues, reds, etc.

Maybe it's time for you to cut the rhetoric, roll up your sleeves, go into the communities of Americans you seem to think so little of and attempt to make a difference in their lives. Who knows, maybe we'll all benefit.

Daryll D. Fletcher


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