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posted: 8/24/2013 5:00 AM

Election laws must be tightened

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The opinion piece by Cokie Roberts, "How a true democracy must operate," which lauded her recently deceased mother's record as a voting rights activist, was, unfortunately, pure Democrat twaddle.

I'm glad that Ms. Roberts is proud of her mother, and little doubt that the honored lady of sainted memory would have favored pretty much any policy proffered by the Democrat Party. That does not, however, make Attorney General Eric Holder's defense of voter fraud in Texas or elsewhere a good idea, or a small "d" democratic one. There is nothing democratic about permitting, condoning and promoting voter fraud through loose control of voter rolls and polling procedures.

It was surprising to read in the editorial that "every independent study shows that deliberate voter misconduct is extremely rare." The quote is made ironic by its appearance in an Illinois paper, the state where the dead rise to elect candidates like JFK and where pundits find corruption cute and amusing.

Having arrived here somewhat recently, I haven't yet learned to find either corruption or voter fraud amusing or "democratic." Every false vote cancels out a true one, and enough false votes have been registered to create a Democrat dishonor role of tainted office holders.

If we do not tighten election law, all respect in this country for democracy as a legitimate form of government will die, with dire consequences.

Craig Johnson


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