Nation's debt will destroy all of us

Posted8/20/2013 4:40 AM

Nation's debt will destroy all of us

In response to Mr. Teune's view of Aug. 10 regarding "budget cutting is destroying nation" I can only wonder who manages his personal budget?

Our president's "fair share" slogan was that the rich were not paying their fair share of taxes preventing him from accomplishing all the things his federal government needed to do to increase our government's reckless spending in regard to income. He somehow needed to "level the playing field" to accomplish his purposes.

Mr. Teune needs to find the other side of his apparent one-sided coin and comprehend that the debt side will eventually destroy all of us. Would he believe the federal government may be employing in excess of 20 million employees? His fair share of the national debt may be more than $50,000 and increasing every year. Add in his state's incomprehensible debt, his possible rich county and city debt and hopefully realize we are all in a "Detroit" financial death spiral.

Nobody really appreciates being confronted with fiscal irresponsibility especially if they have the audacity to call themselves "Tea Party."

Ernie Miller


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