Mulder should leave Metra board

Posted8/5/2013 5:00 AM

Due to the severance package scandal of Metra CEO Alex Clifford, Arlene Mulder should do the right thing and resign from their board.

A Chicago Tribune editorial dated July 25th has asked for the entire Metra board to resign. Unfortunately The Daily Herald Editorial board has been less assertive in this issue. But then again the Daily Herald has devoted much editorial space to praising her leadership after she resigned as Arlington Heights Village president.

But so far, Mrs. Mulder has resisted the Tribune's request, probably on the grounds that nothing was done illegal in offering Mr. Clifford the scandalous severance package. Does Mrs. Mulder understand that legality is not the issue here?

The reason for her to resign is that Metra board members have violated public trust by squandering our money to cover their own mismanagement.

Keith A. Moens

Arlington Heights

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