Political hand-waiving on junk car lot?

Posted8/4/2013 4:40 AM

Political hand-waiving on junk car lot?

I am a retired ComEd lineman with 37 years of experience. I am writing in response to the article that appeared in the July 23 paper regarding East Dundee's mayor, Lael Miller, and IAA, a junk yard dealer who wants to auction junk cars. IAA wants access across ComEd's easement to move their junk cars. This would not be one or two cars, but possibly hundreds.


This could potentially block any repair trucks needed by Edison, which they would require any equipment needed during power outages to be hand carried to the trucks.

Depending on the type of storm and weather conditions, hand-carrying equipment to the truck increases the likelihood of delayed time in restoring power. During a power outage, time is critical in restoring power to the customers of the business district and residential areas of East Dundee. Also, from an environmental perspective, ComEd is being a responsible steward of the environment by not allowing the fluids from these old cars to leak into the ground.

I am wondering if this might be political hand waving on the part of the mayor. There are plenty of old gravel pits that IAA could use for its junk cars.

Wallace Bud Bohlin



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