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posted: 7/29/2013 4:40 AM

Someday, someone will pass the FairTax

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Someday, someone will pass the FairTax

To House Ways and Means Committee Chairman David Camp: I just answered your survey about current events you and the rest of the committee are contemplating. The questions were skewed to get the results you desire, instead of any new ideas.

You are committed to the Marxist idea of an Income Tax and any other taxing system is just not on your radar screen.

The FairTax would provide the same amount of money for the government to waste on projects your constituents want so they will re-elect you, but you won't consider it because it will not provide cash for you and the others to use to campaign for your offices, to the exclusion of any new competitors running against you.

Oh, I know you call it campaign contributions, when the "K" Street Lobbyists call on you and drop a check onto your receptionists desk, but explain to me how, with a 9 percent approval rating from the public, how 95 percent of you get returned to office.

The "good ol' boys" all know how to "go along to get along," and you as the chairman of Ways and Means won't accept an email from me, unless I am in your district even though your committee controls the taxes I have to pay without having a voice in the affairs of government.

You know that some time in the future, someone will pass the FairTax. Why not you and why not now?

Wilton Jere Tidwell


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