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posted: 7/22/2013 5:00 AM

Jackson, Sharpton are not helping

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The Zimmermann trial is over, and the jury found him not guilty. I followed the trial on TV, at least as much as was shown. I agreed with the outcome of the trial. Now Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have voiced their opinion and aroused thousands of people to riot about the outcome because they didn't agree with the verdict the jury came to. If anyone is killed during these riots, both Sharpton and Jackson should be held responsible in the same way critics of the trial were saying that if George Zimmermann hadn't followed Trayvon Martin, he would still be alive.

Jackson should keep his lips closed in this matter. It is my opinion that Sharpton and Jackson are not helping African-Americans in this country by saying what they are saying and promoting riots. For Sharpton to say that nothing has changed in the past 50 years for African-Americans is outrageous.

As adults we are all responsible for our behavior. Even thought Zimmermann got out of his car to check Martin out, it was Martin who attacked him and beat him. He was not an innocent little child with candy in his pocket. He was almost 2 feet taller than Zimmermann and 17 years old. The legal system did its job according to the law. The prosecution presented its case. The defense presented its side. The jury did their job.

Bjorg Davis


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