Gotcha going in, gotcha going out

Posted7/19/2013 4:40 AM

Gotcha going in, gotcha going out

I have to agree with the couple who wrote July 15 about being embarrassed to live in Illinois. With all the scandal and money issues to only take it out on us to bail the state out.


It seems that no matter how we budget ourselves and scrimp and save. We never get anywhere ahead of the game. License plates doubled. Changing light bulbs to save, only to see the electric bill going up.

Gov. Quinn allows the gas company to charge more. I had received a wage review a few years ago in November, cost of living increase, to only have Gov. Quinn add a 6.6 tax hike the new year. Lost my raise and then some.

You paid like $3 a gallon for gas at cars getting 20 miles a gallon. Now you pay $4 for cars getting 30 miles. There's always a reason for the food cost to go up, like it's too hot and now the wheat crop is going to jump. Or conflict overseas to raise gas prices.

There's a song by Van Halen. "They gotcha going in. They gotcha going out. Same amount. In and out."

Only now the going in is not enough.

James Kotek

Carol Stream

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