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posted: 7/19/2013 4:40 AM

Could Americans be this gullible?

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Could Americans be this gullible?

After watching Senators claim that their immigration bill will fix our broken immigration system, I conclude most members of Congress must believe that the average American is gullible and stupid.

The members of Congress who say that our immigration system is "broken" and that it can only be fixed by passing a new immigration bill, are the same ones responsible for our "broken" immigration system.

Responsible because they failed to provide the oversight necessary to ensure that our immigration laws were being complied with. Instead they preferred to stick their heads in the sand and pretend that they were unaware that millions were overstaying their visas and millions more were entering the country illegally.

The refrain frequently heard from politicians is that we cannot deport 11 million illegal aliens/visa overstays and therefore the humane thing to do is grant them amnesty.

The magnet for persons who overstay their visas and enter the country illegally are jobs. So it would seem that if Congress and the Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations had really been interested in significantly reducing the number of aliens they would have push for legislation that would have imposed severe financial penalties on companies and contractors who knowingly employed aliens.

Legislation that would have given businesses six months to "clean" their payrolls and then imposed $25,000 fines for every illegal found to be employed after the sixth month grace period would have eliminated the reason aliens entered the country -- jobs.

In 1986 Congress granted amnesty to 3 million and promised fix the illegal immigration problem; today there are 11 million or more aliens that Congress wants to grant legal status to while again promising to fix the problem.

Does anyone believe it will be any different this time? Nah, no one could be that gullible.

Victor Darst

West Dundee

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