Planners ignored Gardens opponents

Posted6/24/2013 5:00 AM

After attending the last Palatine Plan Commission meeting, as a resident of Palatine I am extremely disappointed in the individuals representing our board. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the proposed site for the Catherine Alice Gardens project on 345 N. Eric Drive, yet it appeared the board was only interested in hearing one side of the argument.

The commission allowed the group representing Catherine Alice Gardens to give a two-hour presentation about their project, yet repeatedly rushed those who were opposed that came to express their concerns.

Before the opponents were even allowed to speak, one of the commissioners stated he was in favor of the project. I was appalled by his obvious bias. This, to me, this defeats the purpose of holding a hearing. Why invite Palatine residents to come voice their opinions, if you are not willing to listen with an open mind? Commissioner Jane Robins was the only board member who seemed to listen to the concerns of the business owners and nearby residents who will be directly (and negatively) affected by this project.

The board was not supposed to be there to pass judgment on whether Catherine Alice Gardens stands for a good cause. The board was supposed to consider whether the use of the proposed land made sense for the project. Had they listened to the concerns of the affected business owners and residents as attentively as they did the representatives of Catherine Alice Gardens, they would see that this use of the land does not make sense.

Elizabeth Picchiotti


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