Lombard may create term limits for advisory committees

Updated 6/7/2013 1:08 PM

Looking to improve the efficiency and flow of ideas on the seven standing committees that advise the Lombard village board, Trustee Laura Fitzpatrick proposed implementing the same term limits on committee members that apply to elected officials. Voters approved trustee term limits by a 4-to-1 ratio in November.

Action on Fitzpatrick's proposal was delayed Thursday night as some trustees wanted time to discuss the possibility of term limits with the members of the groups they lead before forming an opinion.

Several new residents were appointed to committees Thursday night, however, with the caveat that their appointment is subject to any term limits the board may decide to impose at its next meeting scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 20 in village hall, 255 E. Wilson Ave.

Fitzpatrick said creating term limits for advisory committee members would help deal with the problems of poor attendance by some longtime members and stagnation among committee membership.

She proposed members be limited to 12 consecutive years of service on any one committee -- just as trustees beginning with those elected in April are limited to serving three consecutive 4-year terms in the same office. If a committee member reaches the 12-year limit, he or she could switch to a new committee or take a two-year break before serving again, Fitzpatrick said.

This is the second time Fitzpatrick has proposed term limits for committee members, she said. The first came six years ago, when she and then-Trustee Dana Moreau suggested and won approval of changes that increased each committee's size by two members, added an attendance requirement and prohibited residents from serving on more than one panel at a time.

Trustee Reid Foltyniewicz first asked for additional time so he could see what members of the transportation and safety committee he heads think of potential term limits. Trustee Bill Ware, who leads the public works committee, also said he would run the idea past those serving under him. But Ware said he worries imposing term limits could diminish valuable experience offered by residents who stay involved for many years.

"After sitting on two committees that have the 'lifers,' I'm finding their knowledge is very, very valuable," Ware said. "What I'm afraid of is missing that knowledge or that input. I'm not sure that's a good idea."

While term limits will be discussed again June 20, those appointed or reappointed Thursday to 2-year terms on village board advisory committees include:

• Community promotion and tourism committee members Marguerite Micken, Colleen Whittington, Jill Payne, France Langan, Connie Sichrovsky, Robyn Pike and Joe Orsolini

• Community relations committee members Pam Bedard, Lisa Biegalski, Sharon Vish, Ahmed Ali, Barbara Ware, Gladys Piper and Michael Ledonne

• Economic and community development committee members Dennis McNicholas, Garrison Nielsen, Matthew Pike, Angel Camacho, Brian LaVaque and Markus Pichford

• Environmental concerns committee members Dustin Smith, Diana LaVaque, Nancy Schukat, Winnie Lyons, Darlene Bartt, Jason Cooper, Daniel Richardt and Dana Moreau

• Finance committee members Mary Cation, Jim Hogan, David Cain Jr., Dan Hartweg and Jay Tovian

• Public works committee members Art Kuehl, John Kaforski, Ken Blakeslee, Mike Kuderna, Dan Mahal, David Arnold, Joe Glazier Jr. and Robert Bachner

• Transportation and safety committee members Michael Corso, John Larkin, John Schwarz, Bob Corbino, Jerry Schaefer, Jennifer Perkins, Gary Cation and John Mullins

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