All should share in pension fix

Posted6/2/2013 5:00 AM

The Daily Herald editor on Page 1 May 20, stated, "We've always believed that one of our jobs is to provide a forum for public debate of the day's issues." The fact is in my opinion the Herald uses the Opinion page to push its own agenda on its own position on issues.

The pension forum panel was chosen by the Herald, moderated by the Herald and the questions asked of the forum were edited by a Herald representative. The panel of three consisted of two state representatives bent on fixing the state's fiscal problems on the backs of retirees. I felt sorry for the third panel member, the President of the IEA, who was set up to defend the systems' integrity.

The state's failure to contribute its share to the pensions funds was the equivalent of borrowing the money, and using it to the benefit of all citizens of Illinois. But now, not only did they not make the payments to the funds, they are asking the retirees to now pay the money back through reducing their benefits. All of the citizens in the state should be asked to pay the money back.

The Herald cannot be trusted to present a fair representation of the facts when it sets up forums and edits out opinions that don't agree with their own. The pension forum was a well orchestrated sham in my opinion. I imagine this letter will be edited out as well.

Leo A. Dietrich

Lake Villa

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