Remember teachers who protect children

Posted5/30/2013 5:00 AM

There has been a consistent stream of complaints about our education system, our teachers salaries, their pensions, classroom sizes and so on. Seldom is this kind of attention paid to the unspoken oath these individuals obviously take when they choose teaching as their profession. That is until the world watched the disaster that struck Moore, Okla.

Anyone watching the media coverage of the devastation and emergency relief efforts saw the overwhelming theme stated by the residents and first responders of the extreme measures the teachers took to protect the children at the two elementary schools and day care center, some sacrificing their own lives.

"Way to go, Teach," the teary man stated as he described the three small children whose lives were spared because their teacher covered them with her own body as the tornado thrust an airborne vehicle on them.

The next time you hear someone expressing their dissatisfaction with our educators, ask that individual if they are expected to sacrifice their life on their job and what dollar value would they put on a teacher who did so to save their loved one. Don't let the memory of these unspoken heroes be forgotten. Always remember, "Way to go, Teach"!

Lynn J. Bruesewitz

St. Charles

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