Student's thoughts on listening to music in school

Danielle Flannigan
St. Viator High School
Updated 4/1/2015 7:48 PM

Should students be able to listen to music during school?

Some people may find that listening to music distracts them from concentrating but for some people it helps them with focusing, memorizing, and keeping on task. Many people say that music takes stress off their mind by focusing on something else, such as work. Music has been shown to help kids with ADD/ADHD to concentrate better on the work that is in front of them and keeping their minds off distractions.


Many kids have family problems or social issues that may keep them up at night and by listening to music it can keep them awake during the day, instead of feeling the need of putting down their heads and taking a quick nap.

Teachers have problems with the use of IPods because they think that kids may be using them to cheat and get answers from a friend more simply and easily.

Statics show that 79% of students/workers listen to music while they are doing their job so that they can improve their productivity by keeping them focused on their job. Music is shown to help you focus. Music keeps the environment you are working in quieter because if everyone is listening to music they won't have time to talk to one another and create distractions.

But that brings up another problem that if students get so focused on their music will that force them to become anti-social? Students say that listening to music gives them a common interest for them to talk about with others when, of course, they are not listening to their IPods. For the people who can't keep their minds off the fight they got into with their best friend the night before or family issues, music seems to be the perfect solution to their problems.

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Some people can think of pencils as distractions. Sources suggest that "always having to sharpen them, kids throw them, they write inappropriate notes with them, they can use them to cheat, they poke each other with them, they get pencil lead stuck in their fingers, they steal them, etc." distracts kids just as well as an ipod would. Statistics show that ⅓ of workers in the US listen to music while working to concentrate on what they are doing more efficiently.

Many officials have problems with students that may download inappropriate media and might be shown around campus as a distraction. Some people say that the music they listen to helps them with memorization. Many people, including myself, find it very easy to memorize lyrics to a song because of the beat and rhymes and now students are taking advantage of that ability and are using it to memorize whatever they might be learning.

Officials say kids might try listening to music during important class information or lectures but if there are some restrictions to listening to music such as turning off your music during lectures, while the teacher is talking, or during tests may not be followed. If they are not followed then there actions should lead to disciplinary consequences, just as any other rule not obeyed should be justified. People suffering with depression listen to music to help their mood rise.

Kids who are in bad moods can listen to music to help them keep their minds off of what is bringing them down and to lighten up their mood.

This could be a breakthrough in education, a positive step into the future, and aid to many.

We should be aloud to listen to music with minor limitations during school to keep us focused.