Only solution is to ban guns

Posted4/7/2013 5:00 AM

Only solution is to ban guns

The state of Illinois has the toughest gun laws of all 50 states. Ms. Yates (Fence Post, March 12) is clueless on the matter. The majority of the more than 500 deaths in 2012 in Illinois were caused by gangs using handguns, most obtained illegally. And Ms. Yates thinks stricter gun laws will magically remove all handguns from gang members.

Banning assault weapons is the time-honored method politicians use to pretend they are solving a problem, but they are just putting a bandage on a cancer that will turn out to be useless as usual. Unless politicians repeal the Second Amendment and take all the guns out of the hands of 170 million households, there is no way to prevent guns from falling in the hands of people who pay no attention to laws.

Bob Lowth

Arlington Heights

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