Village board could use an architect

Posted4/5/2013 5:00 AM

When our town needs financial guidance it's great to have an accountant in office as a trustee. When contracts and liability conversations are needed I'm glad we have an attorney on staff. But what better profession could we have filling a trustee position than an architect? With talk of constructing a $40 million police station, who better to advocate for controlling our potential construction costs than an architect?

Jim Tinaglia is that architect and hopefully one of Arlington Heights' next trustees. As an Arlington Heights resident for 42 years and owner of Tinaglia Architects also located in AH, Jim will look for alternatives toward reducing expenses, thinking globally and representing us thoughtfully just as he has for his clients for 22 years.

We have known Jim and his family for over 14 years. His success and dedication as an Arlington Heights business owner and his constant commitment to making Arlington Heights a better place makes him an excellent candidate for trustee. He and his family are honest, hardworking and community minded in everything they do.

Jim has served as a coach to many, an active festival contributor, a very influential member on the Soccer Advisory Board and the Design Commission for seven years and 12 years respectively.

What better person to make decisions and care for our Village at the highest levels?

A vote for Jim is a vote for integrity and a vote for a better Arlington Heights.

Glen & Deb Korff

Arlington Heights

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