Absurd attempt to stifle muscle cars

Posted3/26/2013 5:00 AM

George Orwell's book, "1984" was a precursor of things to come. But some of the things being thrown out there recently by New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo would have even taken Orwell aback.

Bloomberg's attempt to outlaw high capacity container soft drinks is one thing, but you have to see Cuomo's latest quest to limit the freedoms of New York state residents and visitors.

America's favorite mode of transportation, the car is being singled out by Cuomo as an "assault vehicle." Not your basic cars mind you, but the ones over 4,000 pounds or more than 200 horse power.

The proposed law would outlaw the sale, use or possession of an operable car in this category in New York state. Classic muscle cars would have to have their ignition systems removed.

This would mean no more high performance cars could be possessed in the state unless they were rendered incapable of running.

With America's love affair with the car, especially those Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Cameros, Mustangs, Corvettes and so many more; the outcry from enthusiasts will be far and wide.

It's not the particular car that's the danger, but it's operator. Any car in the wrong hands can be a danger. Anything in the wrong hands can be a weapon and dangerous.

It's the same argument that's made against those who would outlaw guns.

Paula McGowen

Glen Ellyn

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