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posted: 3/13/2013 4:00 AM

GOP needs leaders who will unify, not divide

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I continue to be sickened by the sanctimonious letters written by those who feel they must defend the Catholic Church in regards to gay marriage. They are silent about the cover-up of clergymen who sexually abused children. They then claim to protect children by using them to deny loving and committed gay couples the right of legal marriage.

I support gay marriage exactly because of my Catholic education. My youngest son, who is gay, graduated magna cum laude from DePaul University in Chicago, which by the way offers a minor in gay studies. Never once, in all the years I attended Catholic schools, did I ever hear anything negative said about gay people or gay marriage. I think it is a travesty to use the beautiful teachings of Jesus to try to exclude or to judge others. Jesus' message was one of loving acceptance, not exclusion.

The politicians who receive my vote are those who have the courage to vote for what is right and just for all people. They include both Republicans and Democrats, Christians and non Christians. I was extremely impressed recently by Pat Brady, the chairman of the Republican Party in Illinois. I commend him for his support of the marriage bill. Now that took courage!

We are a nation of many. The politicians I support encourage cooperation and respect diversity. Their goal is to unite rather than to divide. The Tea Party created a great division within the Republican Party. The party now needs courageous leaders whose goal is to unify. The only way to achieve this is to represent all people as equals.

Joanne Bohman Gurion

Rolling Meadows

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