Reduce incentives to come here illegally

Posted3/6/2013 5:00 AM

Following are the positives of becoming an illegal immigrant in the United States:

You are entitled to free medical care, free food stamps, free cellphones with 100 monthly minutes, automatic citizenship for your babies born on U.S. soil, access to a legal driver's license, subsidized housing, in-state college tuition rates, you won't be arrested by local, county or state police just for being illegal, you will be offered a "pathway to citizenship" (amnesty) and in the rare case of deportation by federal authorities you will not be prosecuted or serve jail time for being here illegally and will be provided with free legal representation at the deportation hearing and free transportation to the border where you can start the process all over again after your visit with your family or friends.

Following are the negatives:

You will have to leave your country of birth.

And our politicians wonder why we have over 11 million illegal immigrants in our country with the figure increasing on a daily basis. There must be enforcement by all police agencies, punishment by detainment (think internment camps) and other deterrents to entering the U.S. illegally or illegal immigration will continue to be a revolving door.

James J. Dubinski

Rolling Meadows

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