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posted: 2/28/2013 4:40 AM

Why a need to abuse public employees?

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Why a need to abuse public employees?

I thought that Illinois had a pension problem, and as a pensioner, I considered what ways I could help our state overcome the problems we face. After researching this, however, I have come to believe that the pension crisis has been "manufactured" by people connected to Illinois' politicians, or vice-versa, in order to avoid paying the money the state owes the police, firefighters, secretaries and teachers pension systems.

Several solutions for pension deficiencies exist.

Pass a Constitutional amendment to alter the state's income tax from the flat tax we have to a graduated tax so that the richest pay their fair share. When Penny Pritzker pays the same as the maid who changes the sheets in her hotels, that seems unfair, yes? Illinois is one of seven states in the country with a flat tax, not a graduated tax (like the federal government).

Close several tax loopholes -- easily raising $875 million.

Do not allow $2.5 billion to be moved to offshore accounts to avoid taxes.

Tax $1 per transaction at the Chicago Board of Trade to raise millions of dollars each year.

Instituting the above or several of the above would pay the pensions, bring money back to mental health systems, fix roads and maintain schools.

I asked my representative if he would support a change to a graduated tax system; he said he could not. Why, I wonder? Would he rather force public employees to pay more, receive less, and destroy the system we have? Is this so that he and his rich friends in this state do not pay a little more?

The politicians in this state have many options open to them.

But why do they feel the need to abuse public employees?

Kevin Brewner

St. Charles

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