He has a strategy for avoiding tickets

Posted2/27/2013 5:00 AM

To John Mitchell from Savoy, IL and anyone else that does not like Red light cameras. Do what I do. Stay back from the white line and just wait until the light changes. People behind you will honk their horns and swear at you but stand your ground and do not turn until the light changes.

Also if you know there is a red light camera at the intersection you should avoid that intersection and not go to any of the businesses that are near that intersection. If enough people do this the businesses will start complaining and the revenue from the right-turn tickets will dry up.

It is a shame that some villages are so money-hungry. I myself do not go near the Milwaukee and Dundee intersection in Wheeling and I have not frequented the businesses near that intersection in several years.

John Billis

Buffalo Grove

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