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updated: 2/22/2013 10:58 PM

Barrington doctor talks on benefits of breastfeeding

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  • Dr. Daniel J. Pesavento, MD

    Dr. Daniel J. Pesavento, MD

Dr. Daniel J. Pesavento, MD

Are you at a middle ground deciding between breastfeeding and using formula for your baby? Multiple studies have shown huge benefits in having a baby consume breastmilk. It is also important to know that breastfeeding has been shown to help not only your baby, but you as well.

In order for your baby to grow healthy and strong it is important they get all of the proper nutrients at a young age. Studies have shown that breastfeeding is packed with all of the essential nutrients that a baby needs. Breastfeeding is the only 100% natural way to ensure your baby gets all of the nutrients he or she needs.

Breastmilk has the ideal mix of enzymes and antibodies that are especially important to your baby's health. With this mixture, your baby is less likely to have diarrhea, ear infections, respiratory illness, allergies, and colds.

Nursing also decreases future risks of

• childhood diabetes

• obesity

• chronic constipation

• Vitamin E deficiency

• Tooth decay

Breastfeeding also proves to have many benefits to the mother. Breastfeeding decreases the risk of certain cancers such as breast, uterine, and ovarian. It has also been said that breastfeeding does a lot for a woman's emotional health, by decreasing a woman's chances for postpartum depression and anxiety.

Breastfeeding has also been linked to postpartum weight loss. Breastfeeding mothers show a significantly larger reduction in size in the first month than those who do not choose to breastfeed.

Another extremely beneficial part to breastfeeding is the fact that breastfeeding is free. The amount of money families can save by breastfeeding is about $1200 each year. Not to mention, babies who are breastfed tend to be healthier, which could mean reducing overall healthcare costs for the family.

Daniel J. Pesavento, MD, specializes in obstetrics & gynecology in Barrington, Illinois. He has 32 years experience as an MD, and got his education at Northwestern University.