Know Bible to know what God accepts

Posted2/19/2013 5:00 AM

Mr. Klemenz's letter of Feb. 15 titled "Amazed at those who judge others' values" is another example of those who are "unaffiliated with religion" not being able to grasp what the Christian Bible actually says regarding homosexuality.

First, Christians do not know the mind of God but believe in a book authored by him based on what he said about someone he called his beloved son who told his followers that he would rise again three days after being put to death.

Mr. Klemenz needs to understand that honest Christians are not judging his cousin but warning him what the Bible says about homosexuality. He is right that God is loving of all creation, but his love for mankind does not rule out the fact that all men are in need of a Savior from their sins.

The Bible says that some people do not come into judgment but have passed out of death into life. This book also says man's natural condition is to be dead in their transgressions and sins.

Opinions of men do not make the Word of God subservient to the intellect of men. We all need to find out what this book says before we state our opinions on what is acceptable or unacceptable to the Almighty. After all it is his world, not ours. The loving creator reserves the right of authority over his creation.

Ernie Miller


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