Beverly Cannalte: Candidate Profile

Huntley Area Library Board (4-year Terms)

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  • Beverly Cannalte, running for Huntley Area Library Board (4-year Terms)

    Beverly Cannalte, running for Huntley Area Library Board (4-year Terms)



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City: Lake In The Hills

Website: Candidate did not respond.

Office sought: Huntley Area Library Board (4-year Terms)

Age: 48

Family: My husband, Rob, and I have been married for 19 years and we have two sons, James and Matthew, who attend Huntley High School.

Occupation: I work as the Technology Media Aide, with Consolidated School District 158.

Education: I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Bradley University.

Civic involvement: As a St. Mary's Religious Education classroom volunteer, I enjoyed teaching in the second grade and fourth grade classes.

Elected offices held: Candidate did not respond.

Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain: No.

Candidate's Key Issues

Key Issue 1

Keeping the library technologically up-to-date is a big challenge. Growing e-book collections, hosting webinars and creating a technology concierge at the library are a few ideas that focus on expanding electronic efforts.

Key Issue 2

Developing partnerships with local organizations and businesses to produce satellite locations for programs and special events would strengthening our community roots and allow the library to branch out with new resources. Co-operative efforts would allow library growth without actually building.

Key Issue 3

I would like to see the library become a cultural host and a gathering place that highlights community achievements. Introducing local painters, photographers, crafters, writers, musicians and athletes through the library would support our community and reveal the many talents within.

Questions & Answers

Why are you running for this office, whether for re-election or election the first time? Is there a particular issue that motivates you, and if so, what is it?

The library has always been a community resource and and I'd like to help ensure it remains a relevant focal point by keeping it innovative, successful and accessible.

If you are an incumbent, describe your main contributions. Tell us of important initiatives you've led. If you are a non-incumbent, tell us what special contributions you could make.

As a non-incumbent, I bring a fresh perspective and many years of local library experience to the board.

Do you have a library card? How long have you had it? How often do you use it?

I have had my library card since we moved to Lake In The Hills. My sons and I visited the library when its address was a house on Algonquin Road and the collection was larger than the building. I remember some children's books were stored in the garage of the house and had to be requested to checkout. When my children were young, we'd check out all the books we could carry and I was so happy when we purchased a Huntley Library bag, which allowed us a healthy limit of books. Now, we visit the library regularly, sometimes for research and sometimes for leisure.

Space is usually an issue at libraries. If that's the case at your library, would your solution be to expand the physical plant or make room by doing away with parts of the collection that technology has made less critical? Explain.

I believe there are many solutions to our library space constraints. Satellite locations with community partners, increasing electronic media, and rotating stock are a few ideas to expand within our means.

What impact have economic and technological changes had on libraries? How does a library remain relevant? How should its role in the community change?

Libraries are changing, just like the patrons they serve are changing. I see the Huntley Area Public Library evolving into an electronic resource, educational center and an event host. I've been a part of library change at the elementary school level. To fill the students' and teachers' needs, our school library became a media hub and literacy center. New devices with new technologies, purchased for the school, required we, at the library, learn new services and maintain a broader technology base. Working with students daily in Team Read at the library, focusing on reading and comprehension skills, taught me that everyone learns differently and there's more than one way reach people and your goals.