Barry Greenberg: Candidate Profile

Naperville Township Clerk (4-year Term) (Republican)

  • Barry Greenberg, running for Naperville Township Clerk (4-year Term)

    Barry Greenberg, running for Naperville Township Clerk (4-year Term)

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City: Naperville


Office sought: Naperville Township Clerk (4-year Term)

Age: 63

Family: Married, three children.

Occupation: Licensed Attorney before the Illinois and Florida State Supreme Courts, and federally before the United States District Court, the United States Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

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Education: Graduate, United States Army Intelligence School, 1969; Bachelor of Arts in Government and Political Science, SIU, 1973; Juris Doctorate in Law, NIU, 1978;

Civic involvement: Naperville Township Veterans & Seniors Assistance Team; Better Business Bureau of Greater Chicago and Northern Illinois-Board of Directors; Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce-Past Board of Directors, Audit & Governance Committee, Past Chamber Ambassador of the Year; City of Naperville-Past Historic Sites Commission; West Suburban Bar Association-Past President and Board of Directors;Exchange Club of Naperville- Chair, Ribfest Allocations Committee; 360 Youth Services-Past President and Board of Directors; Kidz Kabaret-Past Board of Directors; Past and prospective Rotary International.

Elected offices held: Elected Naperville Township Republican Precinct Committeeman.

Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain: No.

Candidate's Key Issues

Key Issue 1

The position of Township Clerk differs significantly from that of the Township Supervisor and the Trustee positions, in that The Township Clerk has no voting power and no input on budgetary issues that come before the Board. I believe the Clerk needs to remain accessible to the Township residents to assist with such things as Passport applications or renewals, and to fulfill mandated obligations such as accountability in ensuring that Township Board Meeting schedules and agendas are properly posted for our residents; that Meeting Minutes are properly taken and archived; and that all required State and County reports are timely met.


Key Issue 2

Candidate did not respond.

Key Issue 3

Candidate did not respond.

Questions & Answers

Name the three most important goals or objectives this board should tackle in the coming term. Prioritize them, and briefly discuss why you believe each to be critical, and how the board should go about addressing them.

For my part, I would like to see a continued and growing relaition

In the 21st Century, with municipalities gobbling up vacant land, why are townships needed? Should they be serving a new role? If so, what?

Township government remains necessary to fulfill services to its residents. Neither Federal, State, County nor Municipal government is equipped or willing to absorb the obligations fulfilled by grass roots government officials at the Township level. It remains much more efficient and cost-effective for each Township government to provide its mandated services to its own Township residents.

What should be the primary responsibility of township government?

Township government is mandated to assess real property values, to maintain Township roadways that are not maintained by other governmental units, and to provide general and emergency assistance to the needy.

In these hard economic times, can you identify some township expenses/programs that could be trimmed or eliminated to reduce the tax burden?

Naperville Township Officials' salaries are the lowest of the nine DuPage County Townships. They have been reduced to coincide with a very lean budget that is in place.

What specific background or experience do you bring that makes you the best qualified candidate to serve as an elected official in the township?

Along with my professional and educational experiences that have lent themselves to demanding organizational and documentation skills, my existing community relationships with so many residents and community leaders--both municipal and otherwise--will be highly advantageous to benefit our residents. As a Vietnam Veteran who served with the 101st Airborne Division, I add additional value to assist our Township veterans who seek assistance.