Kerry Malm: Candidate Profile

Naperville Township Board (4-year Terms) (Republican)

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City: Naperville


Office sought: Naperville Township Board (4-year Terms)

Age: 64

Family: I have three grown children born and raised in Naperville. They live in the area: Curtis and his wife Jen have three children; Chrissy and Mike Guerin have one son; and Betsy lives in Geneva, IL.

Occupation: I am the Assistant to the President at Robert Morris University and have been with the University for 23 years.

Education: My undergraduate degree is in education from North Central College. I have a MS Ed from Northern Illinois University; a Master's in Management degree from Robert Morris University. I am currently a doctoral candidate at Cardinal Stritch University.

Civic involvement: I have lived in Naperville for forty-seven years and have been active in the community for a number of years. I am a current board member of Naperville Community Television (NCTV)and former board member of Naperville United Way, Little Friends, Inc., Samaritan Interfaith, Care and Counseling Center, Naperville Youth Advisory Committee, 1981 Sesquicentennial and Celebration 2000 committee member.

Elected offices held: Candidate did not respond.

Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain: Candidate did not respond.

Candidate's Key Issues

Key Issue 1

Key issue #1 is to hold or cut the tax levy for the next four years. Monitor the budget to ensure money is used to serve the Township residents most effectively and ensure an accurate assessment of Township properties.

Key Issue 2

The second key issue is to provide quality services for senior citizens and veterans along with emergency assistance for those in need. Continue the top rate maintenance of Township roads.

Key Issue 3

The third priority is to have the Township board working cohesively and be fiscally responsible as we owe our constituents honest and open governance.

Questions & Answers

Name the three most important goals or objectives this board should tackle in the coming term. Prioritize them, and briefly discuss why you believe each to be critical, and how the board should go about addressing them.

The first goal is to work with the assessor to provide whatever support necessary to keep our real estate assessments at a fair and equitable level. Goal two is to assess the current services now available to senior citizens and veterans to ensure they meet standards expected by the Township citizens. Explore additional options that may be considered to expand and/or enhance the existing services. Both of these sectors will see continued growth as the population continues to age and more veterans will be returning after serving our country. The population of Naperville Township is becoming more diverse ethnically, socially, and economically. The Township board needs to be aware of this population shift and be in a position to serve all constituents. This being said, the services provided need to be conducted in the most cost-effective way while not compromising quality. The third goal is to ensure that all services available to the Naperville Township citizens are well publicized and provide citizens easy access to information and ways in which to take advantage of the available services through the continued state-of-the-art technology. Develop/expand working relationships with nearby townships and service providers in the coordination of services.

In the 21st Century, with municipalities gobbling up vacant land, why are townships needed? Should they be serving a new role? If so, what?

Township governments are usually smaller and successful due to the local elected officials in smaller governments who are able to have a more direct role in the administration. Individual citizens are able to access a Township official which enables the officials to better understand and represent their concerns. Because of the individual's influence in Township governance, interest groups have less influence and power over decisions.

What should be the primary responsibility of township government?

The Township government's role should be overseeing property tax levels and providing services to the disabled, youth, veterans, and senior citizens of the Township. Township officials need to conduct themselves in an ethical manner, maintain transparency, ensure citizens have access to minutes, expenditures, and other matters of the Township board.

In these hard economic times, can you identify some township expenses/programs that could be trimmed or eliminated to reduce the tax burden?

Township officers need to retain a trim budget that includes salaries, fringe benefits, spending, etc. Services may be able to be consolidated to keep expenses down while still providing quality programs for the citizens.

What specific background or experience do you bring that makes you the best qualified candidate to serve as an elected official in the township?

I have lived in Naperville for forty-seven years and am familiar with the town and the needs of its citizens. I have served on numerous not-for-profit boards over the years including Naperville Community Television (NCTV), Naperville United Way, Little Friends, Inc., Samaritan Interfaith, Care and Counseling Center, Naperville Youth Advisory Board, and the 1981 Sesquicentennial committee and the Celebration 2000 committee. I am currently a doctoral candidate at Cardinal Stritch University and hold two master's degrees. My children were active in a variety of activities through the YMCA, Naperville Park District, and the Naperville Public Library which familiarized me with the programs and services of these community organizations. I feel I bring a deep understanding and am fully committed to the residents of Naperville Township.