Jeffrey Clark: Candidate Profile

Carol Stream Fire Board (6-year Terms) (Republican)

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City: Carol Stream

Website: Candidate did not respond.

Office sought: Carol Stream Fire Board (6-year Terms)

Age: 48

Family: I am happily married and blessed with three children. We have lived in Carol Stream for nineteen years.

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Occupation: Plant Manager Overton Gear. Home Business in Carol Stream since 1996.

Education: Candidate did not respond.

Civic involvement: Corpus Christi Catholic Church

Elected offices held: Candidate did not respond.

Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain: No

Candidate's Key Issues

Key Issue 1

Property Taxes. The majority of Carol Stream residents are extremely concerned about their property taxes. The Carol Stream Fire Protection District is the third largest taxing body Carol Stream residents face. As home values have declined taxpayers have been called upon to pay more. In this economy Carol Stream residents are looking for leadership that will absolutely stay on budget. It is my goal to strive to maintain the excellent Fire Protection and EMS services while looking for innovative ways to stay within the budget.

Key Issue 2

Leadership: As a business owner in Carol Stream for seventeen years I have a vested interest in the community and can contribute to the Carol Stream Fire Protection District leadership for the benefit of the residents and firefighters. My objective is to provide responsible leadership that maintains quality service at a value to Carol Stream residents.


Key Issue 3

Maintain Excellent Carol Stream Fire Protection District Service. The Carol Stream Fire Protection District Service has provided excellent service to the community. In a role of Trustee, I would continue to support training, stringent physical fitness requirements, while looking for ways to advance existing technology as new technologies become available and are evaluated. The Carol Stream Fire Protection District must provide these essentials to maintain quality services and a state of readiness in Carol Stream.

Questions & Answers

Name the three most important goals or objectives this board should tackle in the coming term. Prioritize them, and briefly discuss why you believe each to be critical, and how the board should go about addressing them.

1. Provide leadership that mandates adherence to the budget to insure property taxes do not rise and prevents referendums from being considered. A balance between costs and services must be established and maintained. The Carol Stream Fire Protection District would benefit from: obtaining multiple quotes on major purchases, evaluating needs to maximize purchasing power, challenging vendors to sharpen pencils and do more for less, manage funds to insure budgets are not increased, and become transparent. 2. Address major budget hitters aggressively. Pensions, healthcare, and major purchases need to be shopped and reviewed carefully to obtain the best quality and value not only for residents but firefighters. 3. Continue value added programs such as training and physical fitness programs. These programs reduce injuries, insure safety and benefit the community and Carol Stream Fire Protection District personnel.

How should the fire protection district improve its services?

Continue to focus on physical fitness, training, and technology to improve its services.

Are you satisfied with the district's response times? If yes, please explain; if no, please offer your suggestions on how to improve.

Yes. Carol Stream residents should be very proud of the Carol Stream Fire Protection District. I believe the Districts response time is probably above the National average. The Carol Stream Fire Protection District is a leader in cross training with other local departments; these programs benefit our community.

What specific background or experience do you bring that makes you the best qualified candidate to serve on the fire district board?

As a business owner in Carol Stream since 1996, I am a fiscal conservative that knows no other option than to stay on budget. This philosophy has allowed me to develop strong negotiating skills and find creative solutions to problems. I have the ability to take in all the information based on the facts and make good decisions for the residents and fire fighters of Carol Stream. I have acquired strong communication skills to deal with vendors, contracts, and budgets, from both a union and non-union point of view. I have no conflicts of interest that would undermine my neutrality or be influential in making decisions in the best interests of residents and fire fighting personnel in the capacity of Trustee for the Carol Stream Fire Protection District. As a Carol Stream resident of nineteen years I want to take on the role of Trustee and give back to the wonderful community we live in.

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