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posted: 2/11/2013 4:20 PM
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End the nation's overspending habit

Help! I've been transported to a make-believe America, and I need to get back to the real United States.

In this fantasy-fueled nation our president has disbanded the jobs council he created despite 7.9 percent unemployment.

Our "recovery" features a shrinking GDP. With domestic producers capable of harvesting our natural resources to the point of energy independence, regulations and restrictions force elevated gas prices.

And then there's the U.S. Senate, which has failed to pass a budget for four years but supports borrowing a third of the government's annual expenditures. Beam me up, Scottie!

Take me back to the America whose representatives reflect the actions and desires of the people.

American banks are flush with cash as the people set aside savings rather than expose themselves to expanded debt. Meanwhile, the Obama administration has expanded our national debt by trillions of dollars and has no spending reduction plans in the works. Instead, his party members stand in front of microphones and proclaim, "we have no discretionary spending problems." Really!

My America, my neighbors, my friends and my family work hard every day and use "don't spend what you don't have, whittle down your debt" logic. Our representative to Congress, Peter Roskam, believes the same. He helped pass the "no budget, no pay" act that attempts to force our legislators to deal with our real financial problems and bring debt reduction into the spending game plan. Rep. Roskam offers common sense solutions. It's time to cut up the credit card, pay the bills and support domestic financial growth. It's a principle unknown in Washington, D.C., called "personal responsibility."

Bruce Sauer

North Barrington

Parker hits mark on combat women

I never thought I would agree with anything Kathleen Parker wrote.

But I have been proven wrong;

She is right -- women do not belong in combat. Kathleen, your reasons were sound and your logic was true.

Woman are equals to men when it comes to courage, skill, patriotism and dedication. They also excel in intelligence. But when it comes to brut strength or aggressive tendencies, we take a back seat to men.

Equal pay for equal work -- yes. Woman should not be striving to be equal in all avenues. We are different biologically, and as Kathleen wrote, " ... that should be celebrated rather than rationalized as incorrect." Lifting the ban on women in combat is wrong. I urge Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and General Martin Dempsey to rethink this directive.

Susan O'Neil


Senate unwilling to deal with budget

Thanks for a needed and well-written wake up call to our do-nothing (or do-little) Senate (Our View, Jan. 28). The House regularly sends budgets to the Senate, but Sen. Harry Reid refuses to bring them up for a vote. Yet the Senate proposes no alternative. Rep. Randy Hultgren's bill will not solve the problem, but hopefully it will challenge the Senate to action.

Most Americans agree that spending needs to be addressed, but for whatever reason, the administration and Senate seem unwilling to propose more than cosmetic reductions in spending.

Louis Bowers

Mount Prospect

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