Effort to stamp out Christian influence

Posted2/3/2013 4:40 AM

Effort to stamp out Christian influence

Homosexual "marriage" should continue to be prohibited and civil unions also must be repealed. You see, it's not a matter of them being different; it is that the very definition of moral behavior is being changed by those who have no authority to do so.

When the state gives its approval to perverse and sinful behavior, then the result is: this behavior is taught in government schools, promoted in government programs, funded, and Christian programs and charities are defunded and persecuted.

Civil unions was just their first step to gaining full approval, but it will not stop until all forms of perverse sexuality, twisted ideas of gender and abominable unions are celebrated. Our very freedom to believe and share the truths in God's word is being bullied into silence.

Homosexual activists will not stop until every Christian influence upon culture, and freedom to operate business according to our faith and speak-out publicly is criminalized.

Karen Witt


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