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posted: 2/1/2013 5:00 AM

Stop the hype over gun safety

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Since President Obama made his announcement the other day laying out executive actions he was taking and legislation being suggested to Congress regarding sensible gun safety, there has been nothing but insane hyperbole coming from the right. There are legislators who are talking about his impeachment. The Fox misinformation folks are accusing him of child abuse for having those children, who wrote letters to him about this subject, at the news conference. He's been compared to Hitler and Stalin. And in the biggest grab, I've ever seen to raise money, the NRA called him an elitist hypocrite because his daughter's are protected by the secret service.

Seriously? I haven't heard one of these people provide any specifics as to what is unconstitutional about any of these executive actions. The reason they haven't is because there is nothing unconstitutional about what he's done. As far as executive orders go, according to the National Archives, President Obama has issued the least number of executive orders of any president since Roosevelt. His 144 executive orders don't even come close to Saint Ronald's 211 in his first term. In President Reagan's two terms he issued a total of 426. Was anyone calling him a king or threatening impeachment?

If the right could only curb their unprecedented hatred for this president, maybe we could finally start to do something about the carnage that takes place in this country each day at the end of a gun barrel.

Terry LaPlante


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