Wednesday's girls bowling scoreboard

Updated 1/24/2013 12:18 AM

Wednesday's girls bowling scoreboard


MSL at Arlington Lanes

BG d. Hersey 7-2, 2,528-2,409

High series: Savage (BG) 559; high game: Savage (BG) 223.

Conant d. Meadows 7-2, 2,627-2,495

High series: Wagner (Con) 587; high game: Kim (RM) 225.

Elk Grove d. Palatine 7-2, 2,525-2,505

High series: Lessner (Pal) 570; high game: Lessner (Pal) 226

Schaumburg d. Fremd 9-0, 2,748-2,288

High series: Yohe (Sch) 637; high game: Maiers (Sch) 244

Prospect d. Wheeling 9-0, 2,695-2,240

High series: Cusack (Pros) 633; high game: Jagus (Pros) 236

Hoffman d. Barrington 9-0, 2,933-2,126

High series: Fera (Hoff) 666; High game: Fera (Hoff) 235.

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