Sports writers' job is to make us think

Updated 1/21/2013 10:32 AM

In a recent post, reader Don Werneske takes offense to Mike Imrem and Barry Rozner calling for the firing of Lovie Smith. He suggests that if they can't back the home team they should move to another city. Ah, I do remember reading my first sports column. It can be confusing.

A sports columnist is hired by a newspaper specifically to give his/her opinion on the world of sports. The writer's take might be a popular one (as in this case) or it just might be meant to make the reader think -- devil's advocate, if you will. It could be as wrong as can be. Doesn't matter. I very often disagree with what Imrem has to say, but it always makes me think about my view. In the case of Rozner, we have a gem, a veteran sought after on local sports-talk radio. His insight into Ron Santo's travails were touching, and his take on the Blackhawks is always fun.

Their job is to get a reaction from the reader. Unfortunately, suggesting they move to Buffalo wasn't the one they were hoping for.

Pat Harte

Elk Grove Village

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