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posted: 1/8/2013 4:40 AM

Pols quick to exploit a national tragedy

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Pols quick to exploit a national tragedy

Within hours of the tragedy at Sandy Hook the politicians were out calling for more gun control. Within hours. Using this senseless slaughter of God's most precious gift to mankind, children, to push their political agendas. They use the shock and outrage over what has happened to ram their hopes home.

If the politicians really wanted to protect our children we would have armed guards in the schools already. The fact is that most politicians send their kids to schools that are guarded. But that is for another discussion as far as they are concerned. How much protection can be put in place for $450 million a year?

So they achieved what they wanted, more division in America between the citizens. Divide and conquer. And it is working. I have seen many letters to Fence Post stating how we don't need automatic weapons, or high capacity magazines. There are many things we don't need: Government-funded abortions, government-funded birth control, illegal immigrants taking our jobs, free cellphones for the homeless, free money for people that don't want to work. All things we don't need but yet politicians present them like they are the staples of life.

The same people that scream no man should ever tell a woman what to do with her body and life are the same ones that scream out for violating constitutional rights to further their agenda. These people are the lowest form of life.

Mike DiPompeo

Glendale Heights

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