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posted: 1/4/2013 4:40 AM

Paterno didn't deserve 'memoriam'

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Paterno didn't deserve 'memoriam'

Regarding your In Memoriam 2012 section in the Dec. 27 edition, can someone please explain why you would include Joe Paterno in that list? Do you understand the meaning of "memoriam?" It means to honor, to show respect to those that have passed.

Sally Ride was a true American hero. Andy Griffith, he made us laugh and who didn't want to live in Mayberry? Many more on your list were very much deserving, but Paterno? This self centered, egomaniac allowed someone to harm children. Please explain your distorted rationale for such a blatant disregard for common sense.

Here's something to think about: Someone loses a loved one every 1.8 seconds; 105 people die every minute, 6,306 every hour, 151,338 every day. That works out to 55,238,376 that die each year. I, along with many of your readers lost someone very dear to them this year. If you were dead set on including a child molesting enabler (aka Paterno) on your list, he should have been number 55,238,376 well below my dear friend Bob Mathey.

David Hacker


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