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posted: 12/27/2012 5:00 AM

Government power grab: Gun control

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What an extremely sad, horrible event in Newtown, Conn. Twenty schoolchildren and seven adults murdered by a deranged gunman. Even sadder, President Obama has immediately turned Sandy Hook into a rallying cry for disarming the nation. He's trying to convince us that disarming citizens is the magical solution to ending violence in this country.

First of all, rational people recognize this as a totally fallacious argument. All attempts to disarm the citizenry are strictly a big government power grab. History demonstrates that gun laws benefit only criminals. Chicago and New York are perfect examples -- two cities with very strict gun laws and unbelievably high murder rates. Illegal firearms abound.

Second, criminals don't need firearms to kill. Witness: the terrorists of 9/11/01; Timothy McVeigh; the "Unabomber"; the Tylenol murders; knives, axes, baseball bats, arson and more. When someone decides to kill, no gun law will prevent it.

Finally, "gun control" addresses only one symptom of a narcissistic and violent society, totally ignoring the roots of such violence. Our politicians have watched -- maybe even laughed -- as atheists such as Rob Sherman and the ACLU have dedicated their lives to removing every symbol of God and religion from our public lives, removing the name of God and Christ from all public speech and from our schools.

We have allowed Hollywood and broadcast networks to saturate our entertainment media with violence and immorality of all sorts in print, in theaters, on prime-time TV and in video games. Our government promotes and even pays for the murder of unborn children, and now wonders why its citizens don't respect life and one another.

Only by restoring God and moral values to our society can we end such senseless violence.

Marvin A. Schulgen


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