What's up with naive letters?

Posted12/21/2012 5:00 AM

There must be something in the water here because I've read two letters in the Fence Post since coming home from school that are just unbearably naive.

The first was by Howard Huber seemingly trying to call President Obama out as a socialist who wants to try and erase the presidential term limit and the second was by John Behof saying college professors are instilling Marxist values in students' minds and that's why President Obama won re-election.

Mr. Behof: I don't think you should be questioning the likes of higher-education professionals teaching the younger generation radical left-wing values, that "capitalism is evil" and that is why President Obama won in November. Instead, I think you should be questioning your own opinion.

You made comments in your letter that, if a student goes to college, the "more likely" he or she is to be wealthy and vote for Romney. Where were you indoctrinated with the opinion that wealthy people would only vote for Romney? I'm not sure if you happened to stumble across exit poll results, which my guess is you were too tied to the scare tactics of Fox News discussing President Obama's second term that you didn't, but Romney and President Obama were nearly tied in votes among college graduates with CNN's poll actually showing that Romney pulled out ahead among those with a college degree.

Perhaps maybe you should sit in on a college lecture sometime. Maybe you could learn a thing or two about how an election really works and why, amid your utter astonishment, President Obama won his re-election.

Matthew Kwiecinski


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