Neither side is right in 'cliff' debate

Posted12/11/2012 5:00 AM

I find it appalling that Washington is playing this game of cat and mouse with the looming "fiscal cliff." They ran our country into the ground and it is their job to pull it out. Neither side is correct by playing this game.

Those in Washington were elected to do a job, and if they refuse to take the livelihood of millions of Americans into account and continue to refuse to come to a medium then they all should be thrown out of office. If anyone ran a company the way our government is run they'd be out of a job and the company would be out of business.

It's time President Obama, who was handed another four years, starts working for all the people and not just the interests of his party. He wanted to continue the job of commander of chief, so he needs to stop pointing fingers and adding to the division in this country. As for the Democrats and Republicans in Washington, well, both sides should shut up and put up. Both sides are only concerned about their own interests. They are so insulated from everyday American life they are willing to throw this country into a tailspin because they cannot agree on terms. The only thing that drives them is their own interest.

This isn't just about party. This is about the picture as a whole. This country cannot continue to be thrown under the bus for the political parties' interests. At some point Washington, and the American public, need to learn that people have to work together for what is best for this country as a whole. Both sides are as wrong as they think they are right.

Cheryl Bast

South Elgin

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