Fox Valley Montessori School hosts Thanksgiving feast

Fox Valley Montessori School
Updated 11/28/2012 8:04 PM

Aurora, IL, November 27, 2012: On Tuesday, Fox Valley Montessori School continued the tradition of creating a celebratory Thanksgiving Feast, put together by the students. Parents, relatives, and other community members came to the school for home-made soup, corn-bread, and pumpkin pie.

The day started as a fun half-day for the students. They created pilgrim and Native American hats to recognize what we know as the origins of Thanksgiving. The previous day, the children began prepping for the feast. Each classroom contributed in its own way. The elementary classroom went to work cutting up the vegetables for the soup that would make up the main course of the feast, and also made home-made butter for the corn muffins. The different primary classrooms baked pumpkin pie, corn muffins, and created place setting decorations. The toddlers contributed by making the apple sauce.


The students were able to apply real-world skill and knowledge to create the feast, and directly felt the impact of it. With over 200 people being fed, the children were able to see how their work impacted everyone who attended, including them.

The feast was also a wonderful opportunity for children and their families to socialize with other members of the community, bringing everyone closer together.

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