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posted: 11/24/2012 5:00 AM

Nekritz letter doesn't help anything

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Nekritz letter doesn't help anything

We're just past the election, and state Democrats are already pulling out the smoke and mirrors to fool voters. State Rep. Elaine Nekritz in her Nov. 10 letter to the Daily Herald talks about "keeping up the fight for doing what is right at our state Capitol." Can any thinking person come to the conclusion that what has been happening in Springfield has been "right"? In fact, Rep. Nekritz was one who helped pass the bills that allowed then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich to "sweep" funds that were supposed to go to meet designated needs, thereby adding to the giant hole we're now in.

She also somehow thought it was a good idea to stop funding the teachers' pension system, which coincidentally is a problem that she says lawmakers have "struggled" with. No kidding!

She goes on to say that "Republicans and Democrats need to come together ..." What? Thanks to redistricting, the Democrats now have a veto-proof majority in both the state House and state Senate; they've effectively made Republicans irrelevant in terms of being able to pass bills. Her party can do whatever it wants unfettered. Either Rep. Nekritz is incredibly naive, or she's artfully setting a foundation to pass blame when our state inevitably hits the financial wall.

I'm pretty certain that Rep. Nekritz was elected by those looking for hope and change. What I can't understand is how they hope to accomplish this by re-electing her.

Keith Gray


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