The simple truth of how taxes work

Posted11/11/2012 5:00 AM

Here's a little something on the fiscal cliff and increasing taxes. Read and learn, all you Obama lovers.

If my taxes go up, here's what I do: I cut my spending to make up for the loss. That's fewer meals out, less shopping for household goods, fewer/cheaper new clothes, delaying buying the new car, buying cheaper products generally, less/cheaper vacations, less donation to charity, etc.


And, because hundreds of thousands of people like me will do the same, it significantly impacts the restaurant owners, shop owners, car dealers, vacation industry, etc. And, what happens when these business owners lose profits? We all know what happens. So, who really pays for my tax increase? It's the chefs, busboys, waiters, sales staff, factory workers, hotel staff, cleaning staff, charity recipients and a hundred other categories of low and middle-income workers who lose their jobs, get fewer hours to make up the difference felt by the business owners.

This isn't theory. I'm telling you what I'm going to do. This happens every time taxes are increased, and the opposite occurs every time taxes are decreased. Maybe increasing taxes just makes you "feel good." Great. I'm sure the women, Hispanics, African-Americans and every other group that you pretend to love so much that lose their jobs will really appreciate your deep concern for them. Conservatives like me know better. We care because we actually know what creates jobs, which is the true foundation for a better life for these groups.

But, have it your way. Keep pushing to increase taxes. I guess at the end of the day, you really don't care about low- and middle-income families.

Steve Dee

Long Grove

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