Backyard log burning is a right

Posted11/5/2012 6:00 AM

This is in response to the writer who opposes backyard fires, While I sympathize with your COPD, I cannot agree fully with your comments. There is nothing wrong with burning regular unprocessed firewood. If it is garbage, treated lumber, leaves or any other material that releases harmful toxins or excessive smoke into the air, then I agree with you, but normal dry log burning is no more harmful than automotive or jet exhaust, industrial pollution or cigarette smoke. It may be somewhat of a nuisance if it is blowing in your direction, yes, but to all-out forbid any type of backyard natural log burning is an infringement on the rights of your neighboring property owners. What next? Outlaw outdoor grilling in case someone accidentally leaves steaks on for too long?

If you cannot agree, maybe its time to think about moving into a condo or apartment community that caters to those with your specific needs. This is America, and our freedom does not mean you have the freedom to limit the rights of others when it's clearly you that has the problem with what others choose to do on their private property. I chose to move far out into the country so I can avoid neighbors like yourself, and through that decision I have made some very good friends by respecting their wishes when they voice their concerns with me directly. I'm sure if you were to try that then they would understand and be respectful of your unfortunate ailment. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Colin Arneson

Monroe Center, Ill.

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