Wolfe is what 9th district needs

Updated 10/31/2012 5:35 AM

At a time when fiscal sanity is so desperately needed in Washington, who better to represent the residents of Illinois' new 9th Congressional District than an experienced CPA equipped with a thorough understanding of financing and budgets.

Unlike his political opponent, Republican candidate Tim Wolfe is not a professional politician. Rather, he is a small business owner who understands the burdens of ever-increasing taxes, fuel and energy costs, and healthcare expenses.


Residents are concerned that their property values have decreased while their property taxes have increased. Home foreclosures continue at a rapid pace and businesses continue to leave Illinois for neighboring states where the cost of living and tax rates are much lower.

The math is simple ... when companies are closing their doors and people are losing their jobs, there are less people contributing to the tax rolls. Since the size of the government bureaucracy doesn't shrink, those who are fortunate enough to remain working must bear the brunt of making up for the lost tax revenue.

Once elected, Tim Wolfe will work to change the Washington status quo. He plans to fundamentally change and simplify the current tax code and reduce rates; significantly cut runaway government spending; support a balanced budget amendment; seek private market solutions for healthcare with access for everyone from children to seniors; reform and strengthen Social Security and Medicare to be sustainable for future generations without reducing benefits for those age 55 and older; make energy independence a national priority; and aggressively root out waste, fraud and abuse.

Tim will be sharply focused on supporting the business community which will ultimately result in the creation of desperately needed private sector jobs.

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I ask my fellow residents of the new 9th Congressional District to no longer accept the status quo we have all been suffering under for decades. I encourage you to vote for Tim Wolfe for U.S. Congress to help return fiscal sanity to the new 9th Congressional District.

David Lewis

Morton Grove

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