Romney speaks with forked tongue

Posted10/31/2012 4:40 AM

Our daily paper has endorsed Romney. Key reasons are Romney's economics and his moderation over ideology. Both reasons I find weak.

First, I find it is disingenuous for Romney to continually mesmerize Americans to think if corporations and CEOs can have their way, America is best served. Anyone who has studied wealth, salaries and savings from the last 50 years knows the disparaging gap between the rich and middle class poor. Romney for me speaks with a forked-tongue. He promises prosperity for all but his heart is with the wealthy. Related to this, Romney fails to show us his taxes. For me, he makes his social-economic status clear that he is above the average American.

Secondly, the Daily Herald's endorsement is weak because I believe Romney has not shown us in the primaries nor in the current presidential race to be a moderate. In a shameless manner, Romney has changed from his former governor days to vacillate to every corner of right-wing ideology to be the Republican candidate -- universal health, gay rights, tax cuts, support for Reagan-Bush and women's rights. Because of these flip-flops, Romney has lost his political character. There is shame for our right-wing friends, too. While it is obvious they don't trust Romney, they chose him. In their decision, they lose all genuine political credibility because of their depth of animosity and hatred for Obama.

As to what we might expect for 2013-14 economics, recent reports from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke say America is now experiencing and will continue to experience improvement. Recent reports from Europe also show how America has handled its economic problems best and are rethinking their economic austerity approach.

In all the American economic-war-health mess we were in prior to Obama's presidency, no other president could have brought us out of it any better than Obama.

Charles DeRolf


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