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posted: 10/31/2012 4:40 AM

Romney changes his stripes for votes

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First I don't normally write in response to comments in the Herald. but I must now and ... WOW.

I've reread your endorsement of Mitt Romney and I'm a bit calmer now. My first reactions were disappointment and disbelief that my newspaper said this and "We must cancel our subscription, now."

However, upon further reflection, I realize that you're reflecting what seems to be happening more among the electorate -- believing that Mr. Romney is a moderate and can create jobs on his own. In recent days he does seem to be more moderate. But I think he presents himself as any type of person he needs to be in order to get you to vote for him.

Some of your other reasons for endorsing him just boggle my mind.

Romney reached across the aisle and Mr. Obama doesn't? How much reaching could Obama do to work with the other folks who have been actively seeking to make him a one-term president, especially the leadership, and saying no to his reasonable proposals?

Romney's been a great leader in Massachusetts? Have you read any of the comments from folks in Massachusetts about his leadership and reaching across the aisle there?

I could go on, but it would be to no avail.

I agree that both candidates are good and decent men. But I won't be voting for Romney. And, no, I won't cancel my subscription, since I think the Herald really is a good newspaper. But, I will certainly be much more wary of the editorial board's endorsements in the future.

Ray Cunningham


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