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posted: 10/31/2012 10:43 AM

Follow courageous decision with action

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It takes courage to "stand down" against an onslaught of public opinion for our current president and one whom Chicago papers label as "native son."

Your ringing endorsement of then-candidate Obama four years ago surprised few, certainly not me, though I believed your rationale was specious. But that was then and this is now; so I congratulate your editorial staff and reporters who are in the community -- whether by phone, email or in person -- determining with their adept discernment what your "constituents" (readers, subscribers and advertisers) are saying and feeling.

Especially remarkable with your endorsement is the knowledge that, as any red- or blue-blood Chicagoan knows, Obama has a lock on this state in terms of its electoral voters. I recently subscribed to the DH after many years buying off the stand a few times a week and am glad I did. Your paper's emphasis on local news and the deliberative, democratic process you allow for local elections (debate forums, in-person speaking panels and in-print opportunities that candidates are given) is the truest bellwether of a news organization's success as a just mediator between a government and its people.

On that note, let me end with this: Those who only criticize, chastise and complain about a party or its candidates forget the actual value of our democratic republic form of government. It is to participate.

Free speech is a must. But speech without action is mute. There exist many opportunities to serve. Once a person puts down roots in a community, it is then time to consider seeding that town, city or municipality for future generations with one's own ardor and creative problem-solving solutions.

With the Lake County Consolidated general election coming in the spring, now is the time to petition the harvest of voters so an educated naysayer can muster more (confident actions) and bluster less.

Ron Friedman


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