DuPage clerk article was not balanced

Posted10/27/2012 4:07 AM

DuPage clerk article was not balanced

I was quite dismayed at the lack of balance in your Oct. 24 article, "Sweet pension deal at issue." It contained numerous charges by Ralph Scalise, the Democrat challenging Chris Kachiroubas, clerk of the circuit court, yet did not mention much about the tainted background of Mr. Scalise.

For example, it didn't mention that Mr. Scalise, a former fireman who receives a pension, and even sued to increase it, would if elected, receive a second and much higher pension. Would he accept that second pension? Does the sun rise in the east?

I was told your article failed to mention that when Mr. Scalise was interviewed he indicated that there were changes he would make to the clerk's office but wasn't sure how many people worked there or the number of supervisors. Your piece ignores that he wants to run an office about which he knows very little.

With regard to Bill Maio, how many employers would hire a 60-year old man to work for five years and raise $12 million for their business? That's how much Mr. Maio raised for the taxpayers of DuPage County. At the same time, Mr. Scalise was drawing a salary, looking forward to a second pension, and not earning a dime for the taxpayers.

As a lawyer who practices in DuPage, and with the office run by Chris Kachiroubas, I was pleased to see him create online petitions for orders of protection and the online e-guilty program. Both of these measures have been very positive steps, freeing up court time for more important matters. The same can be said of the e-ticketing program that reduces the time police officers spend on traffic stops.

It is for these reasons that your newspaper endorsed Chris Kachiroubas and is exactly why I plan on voting for him.

Thomas J. Torcasso


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