Debate revealed much about Obama

Posted10/13/2012 5:00 AM

After the first Presidential debate I think it is very obvious which candidate has the command of the facts and the real issues that challenge our country. One candidate has a clear vision and more importantly the experience and business know how to implement them.

The president did not have a bad night or was just off stride. What happened was President Obama was finally challenged on his record and the dishonest framing of Mitt Romney. He finally was in a situation where he could not hide behind a teleprompter and spout off without accountability; he had to actually answer questions. He did not have the answers.

Now we know why he has only taken two questions from the White House Press reporters in over six months. That in itself is outrageous with all of the major issues facing this country now. The emperor now has no clothes.

Chuck McCall

Arlington Heights

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