Put blame for deaths where it belongs

Posted10/12/2012 5:00 AM

In all my years, I have never heard of anything so stupid as the order given that the Marine guards at our embassies were not to have live ammo. I guess they were to use spit balls or call 911. Whoever gave that order should be hung by their thumbs.

Maybe it was President Bush's fault that the embassies were not adequately protected. This time, Mr. Obama and his staff cannot pull that. They never want to take blame for all their screw-ups.

Mr. Obama and the corrupt media, in my opinion, are to blame for the four deaths in Libya. The media, instead of forcing Mr. Obama to do his job, continuously cover for him and his administration. Nothing is ever Obama's fault. George did it.

Why do you think the military is so upset with this bunch? They feel that the administration does not care whose life is put in danger as long as it makes Obama look good. The White House classified leaks are proof of that. The persons that are leaking classified information should be tried for treason and hung in front of the White House.

When I joined the Navy as a young man I took the oath to this country seriously. But I do not believe Mr. Obama has taken his that way.

I believe that all "con men" are good speakers. Being a good speaker does not make a good person or a good President.

Lawrence Boni


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