Finn & Finn recognized for conservation efforts

Newton and Nada Finn
Updated 10/12/2012 11:15 PM
  • Nada Finn in front of office building on 128 N. West St., Waukegan.

    Nada Finn in front of office building on 128 N. West St., Waukegan. Conserve Lake County member.

WAUKEGAN, IL--Located here at 128 N. West Street, the law offices of Finn & Finn recently became the first business location to receive Conservation@Home certification, a distinction awarded to eco-friendly properties by Conserve Lake County, the land conservation nonprofit organization formerly known as Liberty Prairie Conservancy. Dedicated to improving the health of Lake County's land and water by helping residents and businesses take care of nature on their own properties, the Conservation@Home program utilizes a points system to establish certification revolving around a property owner's use of native plants, lawn care practices, dedication to soil health and clean water, support of wildlife, and removal of invasive species.

Owned by Newton and Nada Finn since 1998, the couple's offices at 128 N. West Street in Waukegan occupy a building built in 1893 recognized by the Waukegan Historical Society. Beginning in 2008, the pair began transforming the surrounding grounds with the implementation of a native landscaping plan developed by EarthWild Gardens and completed with the aid of DK Environmental and Cambray Landscaping. Now incorporating native flowers, grasses, forbs, shrubs, and trees, the revitalized landscape requires less water, eliminates the need for fertilizers and pesticides, creates habitat for butterflies and birds, and returns a piece of Illinois' natural ecological heritage to an urban area.

In preparation for the site visit leading to the Conservation@Home certification, property-wide maintenance was performed earlier this year by Waukegan-based Townline Design. Upon learning that the property had indeed met the criteria required of certification, Nada Finn commented that "I never embarked upon a path of creating a more natural environment in this space with the idea of winning an award or being certified for my efforts. If anything I wanted to leave footsteps to follow that would inspire others to help play a bigger role in improving our collective ecological well being. If everyone came to realize that conservation truly starts in one's own backyard, it wouldn't take long to make a tremendous difference in our shared quality of life."

In addition to the law practice of Finn & Finn, 128 N. West Street is headquarters for two nonprofit organizations: GreenTOWN Waukegan, a grassroots effort to preserve and create urban green space; and Waukegan Animals Getting Saved (WAGS), a volunteer group dedicated to helping Waukegan's animals.

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